Dec 17, 2008 at 01:41pm IST

Kolkata man is owner Bradman's letters

Kolkata: There are hardly a handful of people who were on the cricket great Sir Don Bradman's mailing list.

Even though they would be virtually impossible to track down, CNN-IBN did manage to find a star-struck gentleman in Kolkata, whose prized possessions include autographed paintings and letters from cricket legend personally written to him by the Sir Don.

In 1979, Muder Patherya was 16 and hero worshipped Sir Don Bradman.

So the enthusiastic teenager wrote to Don, pleading him to come to his locality as the chief guest for a local tournament.

Bradman couldn't make the trip but the letter he sent Patherya expressing his regret is now a prized possession for the 48 year old.

Muder Patherya says, "The envelope itself was a collectable item. He never left the work for his secretary to type. He hand wrote my name. He had hand written my address and then there was the stamp. You get a feeling that the entire envelope has passed through the fingers of Sir Don Bradman. At the age of sixteen that's the closest you can get to him."

However, that wasn't the first time Pathreya communicated with Don.

He, in fact, has four such letters and 14 autographed paintings which he had sent to Bradman's house in Adelaide.

Each of those were signed by the great man and posted back as well as a photograph, when the Don was relegated to 12th man against England in the 1928-29 series.

"Every six months I would find a new reason to just write to Sir. Don because he replied. If the man was inconsiderate, if the man never bothered to reply, all this nonsense would have immediately come to an end. But the fact is he would keep replying and because he replied one would keep writing to him," adds Pathreya

Patherya knows he is sitting on a king's ransom but he isn't ready to part with it.

It is after all a childhood dream that he relives everyday even today, all these years later.