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May 16, 2013 at 05:36pm IST

Details: How RR's Sreesanth, Chavan, Chandila and bookies spot-fixed

New Delhi: Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar on Thursday presented video evidences of what he claimed proved that three Rajasthan Royals players were involved in spot-fixing in the Indian Premier League tournament.

Kumar claimed that the three players - S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila - were given codes by the bookies and asked to give pre-determined signals to indicate that they were indulging in spot-fixing so that the bookies could place their bets.

Below are the details of the spot-fixing as revealed by the Delhi Police during a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday:

IPL spot-fixing: 3 Rajasthan Royals players, 11 bookies and their assistants arrested, says Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar

The modus was that in a particular over they will give away runs: Neeraj Kumar

The players also had to show a sign which would give an indication to the other team: Neeraj Kumar

Ajit Chandila failed to give signal to the bookie during RR vs PWI match on May 5 in Jaipur: Delhi Police

Chandila had to give away 14 runs but he forgot to give the indication but still gave 14 runs in the Jaipur match. Police

Chandila and the bookie had a heated argument after the May 5 match: Police

Bookies gave codes to players involved in spot fixing before the match: Police

There was spot fixing in the Mohali match as well: Police

In that match, Sreesanth's signal was to put a towel in his trouser before his over: Police

Sreesanth's signal was for the May 9 match between RR and Kings XI Punjab: Police

Delhi Police shows videos of the matches to show that the players were involved in spot-fixing.

Sreesanth had agreed to give more than 14 runs in a particular over: Police

Ankeet Chavan agreed to give at least 13 runs in his second over in the May 15 match against Mumbai Indians: Police

He gave away 15 runs in that particular over: Police

Chavan's over during May 15 match was fixed for Rs 60 lakh. Advance was taken by Chandila who was not playing: Police

The investigation started after we got an information that Mumbai underworld was indulging in match and spot fixing: Police

Special cell teams were present in all the matches: Police

We cannot say with certainty that more players or teams are not involved in match or spot fixing: Police

Sreesanth was arrested from Carter Road, Mumbai: Police

One of the bookies, Jiju Janardhanan, is a very close friend of Sreesanth: Police

More arrests will take place: Police

Sreesanth got Rs 40 lakh for spot-fixing: Police

This was the match between Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab. It was decided that Sreesanth would put a towel in his trouser before bowling the second over of his spell and also give enough time to bookies to indulge in heavy betting. As decided, Sreesanth bowled the first over without wearing the towel. In the second over he put the towel in his trousers and in order to give enough time to his bookies he did some warming-up, some stretching exercises and then went on to give 13 runs: Police

No international players are involved in IPL spot-fixing: Police

Only Rajasthan Royals is involved in match fixing: Police

We were investigating this matter since April: Police

The mastermind of spot-fixing is sitting abroad: Police

We have hundreds of hours of audio evidence in this case: Police

There is no concrete evidence on the basis of which I can name any underworld members: Police

We don't have any evidence that proves Sreesanth convinced Chandila, Chavan to take part in spot-fixing: Police

Our investigation pertains only to spot-fixing, not match-fixing: Police

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