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    I want to see spinners dominate Eng: MSD

    Dhoni also said Yuvraj is the best judge of his fitness and it should be left to Yuvi to decide whether he is fit.

    New Delhi: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni says he is satisfied with the team's performance in the shorter formats and, with time, it will translate into Tests as well. Speaking about Yuvraj Singh, Dhoni said that he is the best judge of his fitness and it should be left to the southpaw to decide whether he is fit enough for the grind of Test matches.

    "I feel Yuvraj is the best judge of his fitness. It should be best left to him to decide if he can survive the grind of Test cricket," he said. But Dhoni feels given the "uncertainty" factor in Tests, it should be left to Yuvraj to decide whether he can survive for five days on the field.

    Reacting to Sunil Gavaskar's comments that the Indian Test team looks the most vulnerable in three decades, Dhoni said on Wednesday that "on paper it might look the weakest" but he was confident that the team will only improve with time.

    "On paper it may look the weakest. It is a different looking team after the retirement of Rahul bhai (Dravid) and V.V.S.Laxman. But we are also a very different side on the field. Slowly we are growing in confidence and I am hopeful that this team will only improve with time," said Dhoni at the launch of his gym Sportsfit.

    "Test cricket is different from ODIs. We all know that in ODIs after 50 overs one team will get down to batting. But Test cricket is full of uncertainties. There might be situations when a team may go on to bat for two days or more. In such a situation, Yuvraj has to decide whether he can be on the field for two days," he said.

    Dhoni said the team was looking forward to the hectic six months ahead during which India host England, Pakistan and Australia. The four-match Test series against England starts Nov 15.

    "The team has a busy time ahead with the home series against England, Pakistan Australia. We will try our best against England. We will try to do good and focus on the specifics. We need to be fit for the gruelling time ahead. The side is doing well in the one-day format and it will take some time to get back to the top of Test cricket," said Dhoni.

    Endorsing the view of his team mates Virat Kohli and Harbhajan Singh on preparing turning tracks at home, Dhoni said he was looking forward to see spinners ruling the roost in the four-match Test series against England.

    "It has been a while since I have seen spinners dominating a Test match. I would want to see that against England. We usually take the advice from the curators before a game. He knows the wicket best. We generally put in a requisition on the type of pitch we would prefer for a game. But at the end of the day, the groundsmen know the best.

    "If you talk about a sporting pitch, there is no such definition for it. However, when you come to the sub-continent you get turning tracks here. But we want to improve our game by playing on all kinds of surfaces," he said.

    As the topic of discussion was fitness, Dhoni shared his thoughts on the fittest player in the team.

    "I think Virat Kohli is the fittest at the moment. Manoj (Tiwary) is another guy who is very fit," he said.