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Mar 28, 2014 at 06:00pm IST

March 28: Developments in the IPL Scandal case

Here are all the details of the IPL spot fixing case in the Supreme Court.

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3:05 pm: Salve: Dhoni could have said he doesn't want to appear before the committee; I don't know why he did and made that statement #IPLScandal

2:56 pm: Salve: It is a sad day for Indian cricket #IPLScandal

2:55 pm: Salve: BCCI must summon Dhoni and question his actions instead of defending him #IPLScandal

2:54 pm: Salve: The BCCI cannot remain an anachronism in this day and age #IPLScandal

2:54 pm: Salve to CNN-IBN: All over the world, even private companies are expected to live up to a high degree of morality #IPLScandal

2:53 pm: Salve: Can the BCCI still say they are a private club? #IPLScandal

2:52 pm: Salve: Are people like these to head the BCCI or those with integrity #IPLScandal

2:52 pm: Salve: Institutional integrity must be above suspicion; that's the standard to be applied to BCCI #IPLScandal

2:51 pm: Salve: BCCI controls fundamental rights of players, viewers and those who look to sport as religion #IPLScandal

2:51 pm: Salve: Today personal interest and cricket interest have completely merged; this needs to be addressed #IPLScandal

2:50 pm: Salve: Those who watch match need to know what is going on; or is it like World Wrestling Federation going on there? #IPLScandal

2:49 pm: Salve: Franchisee has not been acted against yet; that would be a final action

2:49 pm: Salve: If any franchise is involved in betting and match-fixing, the franchise has to go

2:48 pm: Salve to CNN-IBN: Dhoni must come clean on his deposition to the committee

2:47 pm: Salve to CNN-IBN: Cricket today sets the moral tone for the country; Dhoni lied to the committee, he is answerable

2:46 pm: Salve: In the course of evidence, we have found so many conflicts of interest in the BCCI, that's the larger issue I am arguing

2:46 pm: Salve: The issue of conflict of interest in the matter continues to trouble me

2:45 pm: Salve to CNN-IBN: Cpurt considered it important enough to pass interim order in the middle of hearing, it considered the matter important enough

2:44 pm: Salve: Disciplinary committee actions were a cover-up

2:43 pm: Salve: Disciplinary committee did not address issue of conflict of interest at all

2:43 pm: Salve: Instead of instituting an inquiry, BCCI is defending Dhoni

2:42 pm: Salve: If someone has made a wrong statement, BCCI should summon him and answer

2:42 pm: Salve: The definition of corruption includes cover-up; if there is investigation of cover-up he will have to answer

2:41 pm: Salve: Dhoni lied about Meiyappan role, he had no reason to lie

2:40 pm: Harish Salve to CNN-IBN: Dhoni claimed Meiyappan was merely a cricket enthusiast

1:46 pm: Betting is legal abroad, government will have to think about it: Farooq Abdullah

1:46 pm: I hope Srinivasan comes out clean in the investigations and soon takes over as the BCCI chief: Farooq Abdullah #IPLScandal

12:20 pm: IPL will go on , there will not be any hindrance: Rajiv Shukla #IPLScandal

12:20 pm: Srinivasan had himself said that he will be setting aside. It is inappropriate to drag Dhoni: Rajiv Shukla #IPLScandal

12:19 pm: This is an interim order. We don't have any objection to order: Rajiv Shukla #IPLScandal

12:08 pm: Will respect the SC order: Shivlal Yadav #IPLScandal

11:40 am: Srinivasan should resign immediately, he should not stay on the post: Digvijava Singh #IPLScandal

11:39 am: I support IPL as it has made cricket more popular. There should be strict action against those involved in match fixing: Digvijaya Singh

11:38 am: Unhappy that reckless allegations were made against the captain of the Indian cricket team specially when the team is on tour: BCCI Lawyer

11:33 am: As interim president of BCCI, Gavaskar will exercise all powers concerning IPL, says Supreme Court #IPLScandal

11:32 am: IPL to be held as per schedule: SC #IPLScandal

11:31 am: I am sure Gavasakar will do good for the cricket: Justice Mukul Mudgal #IPLScandal

11:30 am: This is a balanced order, good for sports as well: Justice Mukul Mudgal #IPLScandal

11:27 am: Except players and commentators, no other employee of India Cements, its subsidiary, or associate cos will participate in IPL: SC

11:24 am: This is an interim order, next hearing is on 16 April: Aditya Verma, petitioner #IPLScandal

11:21 am: We are looking at an expeditious and fair investigation in the case: BCCI lawyer

11:19 am: We have no plans to challenge the order, we are happy with the decision: BCCI lawyer

11:18 am: BCCI functions related to IPL will be conducted by Gavaskar and all non IPL by Shivlal Yadav: BCCI lawyer

11:17 am: We are very pleased, this is exactly what we had proposed: Aryama Sundaram, BCCI lawyer

11:14 am: Supreme court appoints BCCI Vice President Shivlal Yadav to take care of all non IPL BCCI affairs #IPLScandal

11:14 am: Sunil Gavaskar to get out of contractual agreements with BCCI for commentary #IPLSCandal

11:13 am: BCCI refutes Harish Salve's claim that MS Dhoni gave false statement to the Mudgal panel #IPLSCandal

11:11 am: SC directs BCCI to suitably compensate Sunil Gavaskar during the IPL #IPLScandal

11:10 am: No BCCI official to be linked with India Cements #IPLScandal

11:09 am: Sunil Gavaskar not do commentary during IPL 7

11:06 am: The Supreme Court has permitted Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings to participate in the IPL.

11:01 am: Supreme court installs Sunil Gavaskar as working president of BCCI only for IPL matches


Is Sunil Gavaskar the right choice to head the BCCI?



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