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'We are trained in avoiding corruption'

Associated Press
Sep 06, 2010 at 07:21pm IST

Cardiff, Wales: Stuart Broad is convinced that international cricketers have had so much training on avoiding corruption in cricket that there is no excuse for them to be involved in fixing.

The England bowler said on Monday that the players are well educated in the sort of issues that have come to attention with the International Cricket Council's suspension of three Pakistan players following a sting operation by a newspaper.

"We're very educated on this anti-corruption stuff," Broad said. "There's an anti-corruption guy around the changing rooms all the time. I don't think any player could ever have an excuse like 'I didn't know' or 'We weren't educated'.

We are trained in avoiding corruption: Broad

Broad added that the England and Wales Cricket Board regularly reminds players of their responsibilities.

"The amount of books I've got from the ICC at home, full of information. There's certainly no excuse as players."

Broad was part of the team that beat Pakistan by five wickets in Sunday's first Twenty20 and is set to keep his place for Tuesday's second match.

The 24-year-old vouched for an ICC program that educates players on how bookmakers target and groom young cricketers with a view to asking them for information that could influence illegal betting.

Broad said he got his first awareness and education program when he was 19.

"When you come into the England team, the ICC show you this anti-corruption DVD — everything you are allowed and not allowed to do," Broad said. "So it's not all reading. The DVDs are very watchable, very clear. It takes you back to when you were five or six, how clear it is."

Broad added that the England and Wales Cricket Board regularly reminds players of their responsibilities.

"Every year you get reminded and get bullet points of what to do and what not to do," Broad said. "The ECB are pretty strict in regulating everything like that. We're lucky with the board we've got.

"I don't know what other boards do. But that's the responsibility that they have to take to make sure every player is educated."


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