Mar 19, 2012 at 03:03pm IST

Thiruvananthapuram crime spot map getting ready

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The crime-prone areas in the city should be cautious now. For, a ‘City crime spot map’, having even the tiniest details of such areas, would be ready soon. In a bid to have a clear idea about the areas where crime is frequent and to prevent the minute lapses in nabbing criminals, the city cops have been engaged in preparing a map of the 20 police stations  under the jurisdiction of the City Police Commissioner and the crime spots under these  stations. The crimes which took place in the areas under each of the police stations would be shown on the map.
“We are trying to include accurate details about the crimes and crime-prone areas so that it is ensured that nothing is missed,” said City Police Commissioner T J Jose.
“It is a step to strictly prevent even the very small lapses in detecting crimes. The localities of criminals could also be easily identified. It would help prevent the growth of emerging criminals,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police S Ramesh Babu.
Details of all the crimes such as robbery, murder, political crime, chain-snatching, goonda activities etc which occurred in the respective areas would also be shown in the map.
“Through this, we also intend to trace the reasons for the birth of criminals, whether the particular area has anything to do with that or whether the geographical area helps in the grooming of criminals etc,” said Ramesh Babu.
Once the map is prepared, updation would be made with the occurrence of crimes. The cops also expect that with such a record in hand, not only the identification, but also the combing for criminals would be made easier.
It is expected that the map would be ready within a month’s time.
The District Crime Records Bureau has been engaged in the task of collecting and coordinating the details needed for the map.
There are areas in the city notorious for criminal activities. But the police personnel feel that the criminals are taking advantage of the fact the cops are concentrating more on these areas so that they can find out new areas and develop new activities. With the map, the police expect to keep an eye on this factor too.