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Apr 26, 2006 at 08:10pm IST

Ctrl+Alt+Del makes a fresh start

Mumbai: Filmmaker Saurabh Gupta just can’t get his hands off the keyboard. His film titled Ctrl+Alt+Del won him accolades at the US Palm Beach Festival last month.

For a debutant filmmaker having a shoestring budget of approximately a lakh for the project, it was however, a big deal signing on actor Rahul Bose.

"As far as the project is concerned, he did not charge us anything. What he demanded from us was a bound script. We treated it like professional project, we said that it was a bound script with a poster and all the research material we had with us," Gupta says.

Though Gupta had to plan everything down to the T, the seasoned Bose could afford to take a few liberties in the making of the film.

"Saurabh would just say, I see you at some point coming here. I would like you do something with these pills. There is the TV screen there, where a voice is coming out. And I improvise the whole piece for the whole 20-25 minutes," Bose says.

Ctrl+Alt+Del is futuristic flick, set in an age where technology guides human interactions. The main character, young and successful Kabir is on the verge of committing suicide when some one calls him from a call centre wanting to sell him pizza.

The two start talking and it’s only towards the end that Kabir realises that he has been talking to a call centre software and not a real woman.

"The film is about some one yearning for love in a world where all he has in any form of para semi-human contact, is the voice," Bose says.

The 25-minute film will be screened at the Atlanta International Film Festival in June and will also be on its way to your mobile phones through a special content sharing software very soon.