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Dec 22, 2006 at 09:15am IST

Cyber city cops 'tech' it seriously

Hyderabad: High-speed car chases between cops and robbers may soon become a thing of past in the cyber city, thanks to a landmark technology that would help the city police track down stolen vehicles from among the 11 lakh wheels on city's roads.

From February 2007, the Hyderabad police will use a gadget that would - apart from cutting down on wild-goose chases – get them all the details about the stolen vehicle just by entering the registration number.

Similarly, the driver's record will also be traced by feeding his/her license number in the gadget.

That’s not all. If the police require information about the clause of law that would apply to the nature of the theft, the gadget will help them make the right choice, as it stores all the details of the Motor Act.

This technological leap has the city police excited.

"More men can be left free to do regulation work. More number of violators can be booked and cases tackled. Delays can be avoided, procedure can become faster,” says Additional Commissioner Traffic, A K Khan.

The inspiration behind going tech comes from the United States, where the gadget has been in use post 9/11 as it's specially designed to deal with terrorist activities.

But Infocall, the makers of the gadget, say there's more to it than just catching thieves.

"Using Biometrics, one can match finger-prints and facial expressions. Iris-scanning is also possible. We can also communicate using wireless technology like GPRS and CDMA," says CEO, Infocall, Vishnu Chaudary.

The Hyderabad police and the city administration are now planning to extend the utility of the gadget to beyond tracking down vehicular thefts.

They plan to integrate the database of transport and traffic police before wiring the gadget's database to the City Security Wing and Anti-Terrorist Wings.