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Mar 31, 2008 at 09:35am IST

Dalai Lama should admit Tibet's part of China

New Delhi: The world is turning on the heat and Beijing is getting all hot and bothered, or so it would seem.

On Sunday, Beijing responded to international appeals to talk to the man it accuses of orchestrating the Lhasa unrest, the Dalai Lama.

China's Premiere, Wen Jiabao said, "The channel for dialogue is always open. Only if the Dalai Lama gives up his stance on the independence of Tibet, particularly exerts his influence to end the recent violent outbreaks in Tibet, and admits that Tibet and Taiwan are inseparable parts of China, then we can continue to resume dialogue with him."

But the catch is in the condition that China has imposed talks seem unlikely to resume simply because the Dalai Lama remains unable to convince the Chinese that he isn't a separatist to begin with.

On March 16, the Dalai Lama had said, "'Our approach remains the same. We are not seeking separation but asking for Autonomy. We are for a meaningful autonomy to keep the heritage safe and alive."

What is striking though is the timing of the Chinese offer which coincides with the Olympic flame that arrived in Beijing on Monday.

Analysts say this could be China's attempt to sound reasonable to the world and defuse tension in its backyard ahead of that event. However, if the scenes of unrest in faraway Athens and closer home in Kathmandu are any indication, Tibetans are in no mood to forgive or forget just yet.

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