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Oct 08, 2013 at 08:15pm IST

Dalit community in India needs Jupiter's escape velocity: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress vice President Rahul Gandhi said that there was an urgent need to uplift the Dalit community in India.

Speaking at the Vigyan Bhawan Gandhi said: "In India, we have a concept of caste. If one belongs to a backward caste and wants to attain success then one needs an escape velocity to attain that success. Dalits in this country need the escape of Jupiter to attain success," said Rahul."

The Congress Vice President also hit out at BSP chief Mayawati for the plight of the community saying that the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister was not allowing his party to work for the Dalits. "Mayawati doesn't let others go forward in this movement. Mayawati also played role but it can't be done by one leader," said Rahul. Rahul said that the nation needs more than one Dalit leader in order for the community to benefit.

He said that the Congress party introduced the concept of reservation first. "Congress party got the reservation concept. First stage was brought by Ambedkar, second by Kanshiram. They gave escape velocity to Dalits."

Referring to the assembly elections in Delhi, the Congress leader said that he will ask Shiela Dikshit to give maximum representation to Valmiki community.

Rahul also reminded the people that his party was pro-poor and said the MNREGA and employment schemes show the Congress' dedication for the poor. "If we don't give rights to the poor, how will they grow?," asked Rahul.

The Congress leader also hit out the bribery allegations against his party and claimed the RTI act, which is touted as a major fight in the fight against corruption, was the brainchild of his own party. "Congress has given right to information to every citizen," he said.