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Nov 20, 2006 at 04:45pm IST

Dalit rally to protest Khairlanji massacre

Mumbai: Over 4,000 Dalits gathered at the Azad maidan in Mumbai on Monday to protest against the murder of four Dalits in Khairlanji in September.

The Khairlanji killings not only set off a wave of public outrage in Vidarbha, but also unleashed a political storm over the lack of justice to the Bhotmange family.

Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange is the only surviving member of the Dalit family which was allegedly massacred by the members of the upper caste.

ANTICIPATING TROUBLE: Police has been heavily deployed to monitor the rally.

The rally began at 1500 hrs IST amid heavy police deployment in the area.

The road leading to CST has been blocked and several traffic snarls have been reported. Though some incidents of stone pelting have been reported and there has been some trouble in the Chembur area, the rally has been by and large peaceful.

However, police has been stationed to monitor the rally for further trouble is not being ruled out.