Aug 27, 2011 at 11:02am IST

Dalits protest against fake caste certificates

BANGALORE: Around 500 people from various taluks, belonging to Madiga Mesalaathi Horaata Samithi (MRHS) — a consortium of several Dalit organisations — protested at Freedom Park, on Thursday.
The outfits gathered at the park to express their support towards Anna Hazare and also to protest against the fake caste certificates being issued at the revenue offices in the city.
“If you go to any taluk office and bribe any agent with Rs 500 or more, within a few days you will be able to obtain a fake caste certificate,” said Keshav Murthy, state president of MRHS.
He stated that the Adi Karnataka and Adi Dravida are indigenous tribes and do not belong to any caste, “Still the government issues fake caste certificates in the name of these communities.” The consortium stated that the communities are from Karnataka but, the taluk offices are giving away fake caste certificates to non-Karnataka people as well.
“Currently, 24 lakh families of Scheduled Caste are in Karnataka and so far we have lost three and a half lakh jobs due to this massive corruption,” he said.