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    Dalmiya faces an uphill task, fate of BCCI probe panel uncertain

    New Delhi: The new week begins with a massive challenge confronting the officials of the BCCI. Credibility is at an all time low with the faith of fans shattered. After the heat and dust of Sunday's meet, officials of the Indian cricket board are crossing their fingers for a period of calm.

    The President still holds his position, but questions remain if he is really marginalised or will N Srinivasan continue to pull the strings from behind the scenes. The men who negotiated the deal are sending out the signal that the new formula will work. "Srinivasan has stepped aside till a probe into the IPL spot-fixing and betting scandal is on," BCCI member Arun Jaitley said.

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    But that probe itself is now mired in controversy. With the outgoing secretary Sanjay Jagdale making it clear that he will not be part of the three member panel, his replacement will have to be found. Some reports suggested that Srinivasan wanted his cooling-off period to last no longer than a month. But Jaitley rejected that suggestion. Even the two judges meant to conduct the probe aren't sure of when they can get started.

    With Jagdale opting out from the three-man inquiry commission, one of the other members of the panel Justice T Jayaram Chouta on Monday said the committee cannot probe after Jagdale's resignation. Chouta told CNN-IBN, "The Terms of reference have yet to come from [the] BCCI. It's up to the BCCI to reconstitute the committee. With Jagdale resigning, the commission can't probe. I am waiting for [the] BCCI to suggest a replacement."

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    For Jagmohan Dalmiya, the next few months promise to test his skills as a cricket administrator to the fullest with Sanjay Jagdale and Ajay Shirke refusing to return to their positions as secretary and treasurer he will have to find new lieutenants soon and doubts will remain if he can function independently with Srinivasan's shadow lurking in the background.

    Jagmohan Dalmiya on Monday rubbished talks of he being a proxy of N Srinivasan, who stepped aside as Board President, without any power as "wishful thinking", saying that his actions would show the real picture. Asked about criticism by detractors that he would be Srinivasan's proxy, Dalmiya said, "That is probably a wishful thinking. I will show what it is."

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    The public perception of the Indian cricket board is perhaps at its lowest point right now. Over the next few weeks and months, the men in the BCCI face the arduous task of repairing some if the damage.

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