Jul 22, 2012 at 06:20pm IST

Kannada 'Danduplaya' to be remade in Hindi

Danduplaya, which released in June, is the most popular Kannada film in the recent times. This crime movie, starring Pooja Gandhi, Makaram Deshpande, Ravi Kale, Sai Ravi, Nisha Kotari, Raghu Mukherjee, would be remade into Hindi. A sequel is in the offing. It is going to be dubbed into Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri.

Directed by Srinivasa Raju, whose mother tongue is Telugu, this film was released with 110 prints as a small film. However, it has collected a share of Rs. 7 cr. in two weeks. This is a sensational hit in Sandalwood. The film is based on the rogue adventures of a gang based in Dandupalya, a village in the vicinity of Bengaluru. This story was inspired by a real-life gang which had indulged in a series of murders, molestations, and loot and scoot escapades.

"The film has been doing well despite no star presence, on the strength of the story. Efforts are on to remake the film with prominent faces in Hindi. Dandupalya was featured at the Goa Indian Panorama. I am happy that the dubbed version of my film is releasing in Telugu," the director says.

Kannada 'Danduplaya' to be remade in Hindi

'Danduplaya', a crime movie, is one of the most popular Kannada films of recent times.

Music is by Arjun Janya. Cinematography is by Venkat Prasad.