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Jan 05, 2009 at 01:42am IST

DDA flat applicants demand CBI inquiry

New Delhi: Lakhs of miffed Delhi Development Authority (DDA) flat applicants are up in arms against the procedure adopted by the authority in the draw of lots and have demanded a CBI inquiry into the scam.

Alleging that the entire procedure adopted by the DDA was tailor-made to help banks and some builders to earn money, a member of newly formed DDA Flat Applicants Association, Ritesh Dewan, said,''there should be a CBI inquiry as the whole deal smells rotten. DDA in the name of affordable housing scheme has taken lakhs of people for a ride and duped us of our hard earned money.''

Another applicant Ms Richa Bhatia said,''More than 5.6 lakh people applied for the DDA housing scheme in September last and banks offered easy loans for the purpose and earned crores of rupees as interest.''

ROOF OVERHEAD: Lakhs had applied for the DDA scheme hoping to earn a house of their own

The draw was rigged in a manner that few of DDA's choice were benefited and other innocent people were taken for a ride, she added.

Demanding their interest amount back, another applicant Madan Kumar Minotra said ,''the result of the draw shows the connivance of DDA officials and the property dealers as most of the beneficiaries are fictitious.

''The banks and DDA used our money, which should be refunded,'' he alleged.

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