Aug 17, 2006 at 03:38pm IST

Dead man gives kin pleasant surprise

Malappuram: A 36-year-old man, believed to be dead and whose "body" was being flown to Malappuram from Lucknow, returned home on Thursday morning just as his family members were engaged in arranging the final rites.

According to police, Mohammad Ashraf, had recently gone to Jeddah in search of a job. The Saudi authorities deported him to Lucknow on August 13 after it was found that he had overstayed in the country.

After Ashraf reached Lucknow by an Air India flight, he found that his passport was missing and decided to travel to Malappuram by train, the sources said.

ALIVE AND WALKING: Ashraf reached home about an hour before his funeral, taking everyone at home by surprise.

Meanwhile, mistaking a body of an unidentified person at the airport to be that of Ashraf after his passport was traced in the premises, Lucknow passport authorities rang up Ashraf's house to inform them about his "demise" and that his body was being flown there.

However, before the flight could arrive at Karipur airport in Malappuram at the scheduled time of 0615 hrs (IST), Ashraf reached home at 0530 hrs (IST) taking everyone at home by shock and surprise.

After Lucknow passport officials were informed that Ashaf had returned home, arrangements were made to take the unidentified person's body back to Lucknow.