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Jul 03, 2012 at 07:56pm IST

Deficit monsoon makes Delhi-NCR 'power'less

New Delhi: The deficient monsoon has affected electricity generation across north India. Frequent power cuts have also forced Delhi's residents out of their homes. They've pleaded with the power authorities, but with a shortage in supply, power cuts are here to stay this summer.

To add to the woes, the hike in power tariffs last week has fuelled the anger.

An angry resident said, "They increased it by 25 per cent, but have the services improved? No."

The situation is similar in upmarket Gurgaon as well. The Kaushiks, who reside in Gurgaon, cannot escape five to six hour long outages. The building management provides 24-hour power backup but this means the power bills soar to over three times their normal.

"The electricity bill being supplied by the government should come under Rs 5000 a month where as currently we are paying Rs 15000 a month with power backup cost included," said Sumit Kaushik.

Across the National Capital Region, the power situation is grim with a 1000 MW shortfall. Ghaziabad and Noida are seeing eight to 10 hours of power cuts daily while Faridabad sees outages for up to seven hours.

Gurgaon is the worst off with power cuts extending from 12 to 20 hours.

However, the power authorities claim that the situation is not that bad.

"NCR is still not as bad as compared to surrounding rural areas," said a power authority official.

Shortage in coal supply and the inadequate monsoon have only heightened the power woes, and until the rain gods favour the North, citizens are left with no choice but to put up with the power cuts and bear the heat.