Dec 19, 2013 at 10:38am IST

Dekh Le: Men who shamelessly ogle at women must watch this

Whether they are in a bus/train, on roads or at a plush eating joint, women can never feel safe. Men ogle, whistle, pass derogatory remarks and do virtually everything to harass their female counterparts.

In a bid to spread the message about women empowerment, Whistling Woods International has come up with a new commercial 'Dekh Le'. The commercial sends out a strong message to the society as it shows how women can hold a mirror up to men to show how ridiculous they look like while ogling at them. The idea of making them aware of the crime - eve-teasing - has received a positive response on Twitter too. Twitter user Pooja Pandey's message "Dekh Le..... @TharkiMen We know when you are leching at us. And you look like morons. Sincerely, Women." sums up the message of the commercial.