Jan 18, 2013 at 09:42am IST

Delhi: 6-year-old raped in Sep 2012 struggles to overcome trauma, accused still at large

New Delhi: A six-year-old rape survivor in Delhi has been facing trauma during test identification parades that require the victim to come face-to-face with the accused. Her father has turned Citizen Journalist demanding sensitive investigation.

"My daughter was like any 6-year old. With school, friends, play time, life was full of colours. Till one day, September 19, 2012. She was picked up by a stranger and taken to a nearby park," her father said.

His daughter had gone out to play like an an everyday activity. But that day when she didn't return and her family started looking for her. They didn't find her anywhere. Little did they know that even as they were searching, she was being assaulted and raped metres away in a nearby park.

"She came home around 9:30 pm. She looked too scared," he mother said. The MLC from Safdarjung Hospital said the child had nail scratches and bruises all over her body, breast area, abdomen, back, legs, upper thigh and neck. The hymen was torn partially.

"My daughter has been in pain since then. The scar of that day is so deep and brutal that she still screams sometimes at night while sleeping. She wakes up at night, runs away saying somebody is coming to take me away," her father said.

Her father said that the Identification Parade was done over the past four months at different times and the child was told to identify the perpetrator among 50 men, but the accused could not be identified. "How will she be able to identify the main accused among so many men? She is so young," her mother said.

It's been four months since the incident, the police have made a sketch public. "With inputs from my daughter, no arrest has been made. As far as my child is concerned, life hasn't got back to normal in spite of our best efforts. She remains aloof from the rest of her friends. Every time we visits the police station, nothing changes, not even the assurances," her father said.

Police say the sketch of the accused has been circulated all over India and the patrolling increased in and around Naraina, but it's been four months now and the main accused still remains at large. On the contrary, the police claim they did not find the sketch pasted anywhere in the area or even in the child's school.

"I want the police to speed up the probe so that the culprit is arrested soon and my daughter gets justice." said the rape survivor's father.

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