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Feb 20, 2012 at 11:00am IST

Delhi celebrates its love for comics at Comic Con

New Delhi: If someone says the passion of following comics is a passé, he is not just joking but probably is daydreaming too. The scene at the annual comic convention’s second edition in the capital saw a sea of comic-lovers thronging the venue where an array of popular characters like 'Chota Bheem', 'Shambhu' and 'Supandi' was on display for public.

People from all the age-groups came out to revel in nostalgia & walk their children through memories.

The event showcased a huge range of heroes, both new and old. Many popular names from Indian comic universe mingled with Jedi knights, Manga Samurais and the Avengers.

As the festivities of the Convention came alive, many comic characters descended upon an infectiously enthusiastic crowd in Dilli Haat. Comic enthusiasts walked into the venue dressed as their favourite stars; from Poison Ivy to sleeping beauty to the Amul girl they were all there, having fun along with the crowds.

They were many fun activities organised as well, to keep the crowds entertained, like tattoos, fun photo sessions, T-shirt painting competitions and much more.

But, the biggest comic star at the venue was ‘Chhota Bhim’ the kids and adults both alike couldn’t get enough of him.

The convention also had many sessions with renowned names from the comic industry.

Before the event started many were speculating if it would pull enough crowds, as people’s interest in comics seem to be fading away these days. But, Organiser Jatin Varma begs to differ. He says, “that the comic industry doing rather well. It’s a myth that interest in comics is fading.”

From books, magazines, CDs to posters of superheroes one could sift through all that and much more at Delhi's Comic 3-day gala, held from February 17th-19th.

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