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May 23, 2008 at 12:20am IST

Delhi cops nab HuJI man, recover 3 kgs of RDX

New Delhi: The Special Cell of the Delhi police arrested a Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami (HUJI) militant Abdul Rehman alias Iqbal from the capital on Wednesday night.

It's believed that Rehman could provide some vital leads into the Jaipur serial bomb blasts.

If he hadn't been arrested on Wednesday night, the police claim, Delhi would have been rocked by a series of bomb blasts.

He had buried three kilograms of RDX at in Janakpuri in West Delhi, almost a year ago, which has now been recovered.

In the wake of the recent Jaipur serial blasts, the arrest assumes further significance.

Was this man involved in that terror attack or perhaps other ones that have rocked the nation in the recent past? It is an angle the police are carefully probing.

"We are not certain about who is behind the Jaipur bomb blasts but HuJI is the prime suspect. He's an important HuJI man and you never know. He could very well have some links and we are interrogating him further," Karnail Singh, Joint Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, said,

But there's a serious cause of worry too. The Pakistan-trained Rehman had been ordered to bring in a consignment of 10 kgs of RDX out of which three kgs have been recovered while the remaining seven kgs still lie buried somewhere in the capital.

"In October 2005 10 kgs of explosive was brought to Delhi. But no one has any clue where they are at present. We're still trying to find that out," Karnail Singh added.

With terror attacks on the rise, Rehman's arrest is a big achievement, but it’s not the end of the story.

The fact that three kgs of RDX went unnoticed for almost a year is a chilling reminder that Delhi is high on the terror-target list.

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