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Dec 21, 2012 at 07:13pm IST

Delhi gangrape: Doctors appeal protesters to leave Safdarjung Hospital

New Delhi: "Free the hospital from protests and your agitation should not serve as an obstacle for others." Doctors treating the 23-year-old gang rape victim at the Safdarjung Hospital made this appeal to people, who have been protesting outside the premises since Monday. People, including politicians, should also avoid coming to the hospital to meet the victim as she is being treated at the ICU, they said.

"We have an appeal to people. Please free hospital from protests. It should not serve as an obstacle for others, movement of ambulance and supply line vehicles. Peaceful atmosphere should be maintained at the hospital premises," Dr BD Athani, Medical Superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital, told a press conference.

Other doctors said a total of 3,000 patients are admitted in various blocks in the hospital and protests should not affect them as well.

Gangrape: Doctors appeal protesters to leave hospital

Docs treating the rape victim at the Safdarjung Hospital made an appeal to people to free hospital from protests.

Ever since the Sunday's incident, protests have broken out across Delhi with people making the hospital one of the focal points of the agitation.

On people including politicians visiting the hospital, he said one of the main issue with ICU is that we have to maintain highest level of cleanliness as well as aseptic atmosphere.

"Parents (of the victim) are also in fact requesting...We are requesting all of you to not to engage them in conversation because ever since they are with the patient...they have been asked to, forced to talk," he said.

"Let them take care of their daughter who is in ICU with severe injuries and parents are definitely willing for concerned authorities who really require to talk to her," he said. Asked whether this applied to politicians as well, Athani said: "No visitors means it is applicable to all."