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Dec 18, 2012 at 12:24pm IST

Delhi gangrape: 'This has to stop, we can't sit at home and close the doors'

New Delhi: The shocking news of the gangrape of a medical student on a moving bus in Delhi has left the nation outraged. The girl was gangraped, brutally beaten, stripped and thrown out of the private chartered bus near Mahipalpur flyover along with her male friend.

The people are questioning the law and order situation in Delhi and are demanding ways to stop this shame. "The volume of cases that we have, the number of cases we have, the police don't do anything. I mean why will this happen if the police do their work? Then the criminals will never get a chance to do these things. It's absolutely atrocious and this needs to stop now," said a student in Delhi.

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Not just Delhi, but people across the country demanded action from the political leadership. "I think the country needs to take leadership and not allow men to get away with such a kind of behaviour. The political leadership needs to act, men at every level of the society need to act and say no to violence against women," a woman in Mumbai said.

The youth also demanded a faster legal system for people to gain faith in the country's law and order. "You need a stricter implementation and a faster redressal for the public to gain trust in your legal system which I think is currently very lacking," said a woman in Mumbai.

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Women in Kolkata also admitted that they were scared to walk out alone, but cannot sit back. "This has to stop. Yes, I am scared to walk out. I am scared to walk out alone. But this cannot happen every day. We cannot sit back and close the doors of our homes. This has to stop," said a student in Kolkata.

"Parents should teach their sons to give respect to women. A girl needs a male friend or anyone to accompany her so that she can move out freely. But that should not be the case. They should be made to feel bold, the family must support the girl child," another student in Kolkata said.

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Meanwhile, the people of the country have also expressed anger over the incident on the Internet. Activist Kiran Bedi tweeted, "Doing random checking of night buses in outlying areas by PCR vans can be part of crimes against women prevention-plan."

The debate on punishment against the culprits in crimes against women has also intensified. These reactions come a day after a 23-year-old para-medical student was raped in a private chartered bus in Delhi.

The girl was gangraped, brutally beaten, stripped and thrown out of the whiteline bus near Mahipalpur flyover along with her male friend, who managed to file a police complaint at around 1.15 am. The incident, according to reports, happened at 9.30 pm. The duo had boarded the bus from Munirka and were on their way to Palam, where the girl stays.

According to DCP South Chhaya Sharma, the bus was not in commercial use and it offered to drop the duo to Palam for Rs 10 each. "When they boarded the bus, there were a few other men as well in the vehicle. There was an argument between the male friend and others... As of now, we can confirm the involvement of four men. They beat them up brutally using iron rods," she said. She also said seven people appeared to be inside the bus but only four were involved in the incident.

The boy sustained serious injuries to his head and arm. The girl is said to be in a critical condition and is currently on ventilator support in the ICU of Safdarjung hospital. Doctors say that she suffered serious intestinal damage and injuries to her face and abdomen.

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