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Delhi gangrape: Victim's family sold land for her education

Dec 21, 2012 at 01:27pm IST

New Delhi: As the outrage over the gangrape of a young girl in New Delhi continues the family of the victim is in deep pain and anguish. The family members had high hopes from the 23-year-old and her father had sold his land so that she could continue her studies and improve the financial status of the family. The family wanted her to become a medical professional but her dreams were brutally cut short by the rapists.

The girl had came to Delhi so that she could improve the financial status of her family, to ensure that her two younger brothers could continue their studies and to give her parents all the comforts of a good life. The victim father is in a low-paying job and is just able to feed his family. So she came to Delhi to fulfil her family's expectations and dreams.

According to the victim's father she was very jovial and was confident of facing all the problems in life. According to her family she used to face all the problems with a smile on her face. But after her brutal gangrape and assault she is fighting for her life in Safdarjung hospital. Her father's role in her life has been very important.

Gangrape victim's family sold land for her education

The family wanted her to become a medical professional but her dreams were brutally cut short by the rapists.

After meeting the victim's family Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar said that the girl has shown great spirit and strength. "I met the family. I have immense respect for the family members. The family has very high self-esteem, its financial status is not good, even her mother is not educated but they have shown tremendous composure and strength. They have not complaint about the incident, not showed me their anger which even educated people are not able to do," said Meira Kumar.

Meira Kumar said that even though the family is poor and has two sons, it decided to sell its land to educate the girl. "I have heard that people sell their land for the daughter's marriage, for their son's studies, but not for their daughter's studies," she said.

The family of the victim appealed to Meira Kumar to ensure that action is taken against the rapists and the government should ensure that such incidents do not take place again.

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