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Dec 30, 2012 at 08:58am IST

Delhi gangrape: Youth appeal for peaceful protest

New Delhi: At least three thousand people came out to protest and carry out silent marches at Jantar Mantar on Saturday demanding justice for the Delhi's braveheart.

While massive protests raged in the national capital for past 13 days, violence went hand in hand often with a policeman even dying allegedly at the hands of protesters. But among the chaos were a few voices of sanity speaking for calm, working to keep the protests peaceful.

Delhi University students Aakash Tyagi and Upmanyu Raju have been coming at Jantar Mantar for the past 10 days. They are at Jantar Mantar to protest, but theirs is also a mission to calm rising tempers.

"Peaceful protest is the only way, violence will kill this movement," Tyagi said. Raju said, "We form human chains and if anyone tries to come close to the barricade we try to stop them."

It's not just the students, there are working professionals and lawyers on the same mission. Their aim is to channelise the anger for long term reforms.

Lawyer Shirish Srivastava said, "Some days of protest won't fetch us anything, we want stringent laws, enhanced punishment."

Given the volatile situation in central Delhi, the role of the youngsters is commendable as they are the ones who have ensured the protests don't turn violent and overshadow their cause.