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Jun 20, 2007 at 06:20am IST

Delhi Master Plan 2021 takes off

New Delhi: Delhi's master plan 2021 is finally out. Centre has notified Delhi master plan 2021, paving the way for providing relief to thousands of traders in the national Capital from sealing.

The new plan gives relief to 95 per cent of the commercial establishments facing sealing in Delhi.

The plan will regulate the Capital's growth over the next 15 years. The plan also aims at providing up to 60,000 housing units every year.

The master plan has provisions to encourage mixed land use. It also legalises commercial activity on 2,183 roads notified by the Delhi government.

The plan encourages the entry of big private builders in the Capital to solve housing problems. But new buildings will have to meet structural safety norms as Delhi falls in Seismic Zone 5.

Apart from this, relaxations have been made for clinics, nursing homes and recognised schools.

Delhi master plan 2021

  • MPD 2021 allows liberal mixed land use in middle and lower middle class colonies, where commercial use of residential buildings is rampant.
  • It seeks to legalise schools, nursing homes and pathology labs in residential zones. It allows schools and private healthcare centres in Delhi’s residential zones to operate from where they are for the next three years. Playway schools running on floors other than ground would have to go and big coaching and tuition centres operating on sprawling compounds will also have to shut down once the new master plan comes into force.
  • It will encourage vertical development of Delhi, seeks to pave the way for development of the capital's historical quarters in the walled city.
  • It incorporates mixed land use notifications of September last year, allowing businesses along more than 2,000 roads of Delhi.
  • The ministry has also sent its request to the Cabinet to regularise over 1,400 unauthorised colonies of Delhi.
  • It relaxes rules for private coaching centres in middle and lower-middle income colonies. But coaching centres on plots bigger 250-sq m plots would not be allowed.
  • In posh A and B category colonies, 24 types of commercial activities have been allowed on 20-sq m areas, including groceries, hair saloons and tailor shops. Gyms, which of course cannot be run on 20 sqm will not be allowed in posh colonies.
  • It has expanded the list of professionals who can work from homes across Delhi. Engineers, cost accountants, company secretaries, journalists and film and documentary makers have been placed beside architects, doctors, lawyers and chartered accountants who were earlier permitted to work in residential zones.

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