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Aug 06, 2013 at 09:30am IST

Delhi: Parents pledge brain-dead son's organs, save 35 lives

New Delhi: At a time when more than 3,000 patients die every year for want of organ donors, a family in Delhi has saved 35 lives by pledging its son's organs. The Junejas who lost their only son Anmol in an accident, have saved 35 lives so far by harvesting their son's organs.

"I wanted to see my son live in as many people as possible," said Anmol's father Madan Mohan.

Determined not to let their son's death go in vain, the Junejas pledged his organs soon after the doctors declared him brain dead. The family, collectively, has now pledged to donate its own organs as well. "My wife and I have also decided to donate our organs," said Madan.

It was not easy losing Anmol, but for the family, there was some consolation as his death has given life to others. "My son had to go. At least we helped others," said his mother.

Praveen Jain was one of the persons who is the recipient of Anmol'organ. Jain lost all hopes after his doctor assessed 90 per cent damage to his liver. His five-year-long wait ended after his doctor informed him of a donor. He recently found that Anmol was the donor and he feels indebted to the Juneja family.

"It's a new lease of life for me," said Jain

Now, many people are stepping forward to pledge their organs. All India Institute of Medical Sciences at New Delhi has reported a three-fold increase in organ donations. The hospital has received 20 donations, three of whom were brain-dead patients after Anmol was made the poster boy in an advertisement for organ donation.

"There has been an increase in organ donations," said AIIMS doctor MC Misra.

Overcoming their own tragedy, the family gave an Anmol gift of life to many others.