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Delhi polls: Narayana faces acute water crisis, has poor roads

Jul 11, 2013 at 12:51pm IST

New Delhi: In the run-up to the Delhi Assembly elections IBN7's campaign New Delhi Banao continues to raise awareness among the people about the state of affairs in their city. Narayana is represented by Ramakant Goswami, a minister in the Delhi government, in the Delhi Assembly.

Despite being the minister Ramakant has been unable to either ensure regular supply of drinking water or better roads in his area, resulting in the people being extremely unsatisfied and upset.

There are 20,000 people living in Narayana village which has many narrow bylanes. But even today there is no water supply in many of these lanes. The problem is so acute that women and children spend several hours in storing water.

Delhi polls: Narayana faces acute water crisis, has poor roads

Delhi government minister Ramakant has been unable to ensure regular supply of drinking water.

To tide over the water crisis the residents had decided to do boring in the area. Goswami laid the foundation stone for the boring well but even eight months the work has not started. People selling bottled water are doing brisk business in the area.

BJP leader Rajan Tiwary blamed Goswami for the problems of the area and said that the minister has been giving vague assurances.

Even other basic amenities are non-existent. There is no proper road in the industrial area of Narayana. The road that used to exist is now a pot-holed strip. Even the sewers of the area overflow for a large part of the year giving out a nauseating stench.

But Goswami claims that he has done a lot for the area.


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