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Feb 25, 2013 at 01:35pm IST

Delhi roadside shooting: Police say the accused wanted to marry murdered woman's friend

New Delhi: More details are emerging from Sunday's roadside murder in Delhi. The police claim that the accused, Munshi Yadav, wanted to marry a friend of the slain woman Pooja. But the deceased and her friend both resisted the idea.

The police say Yadav had had an altercation with them on Sunday morning. The 25-year-old woman was shot dead at Sarai Kale Khan, a busy area, around 8 pm on Sunday night while returning home with her husband that too, just meters away from a police van.

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An eyewitness had said that a drunk man had tried to misbehave with her, and when she resisted, he shot her with a country-made pistol. "The man was trying to force the woman to go along with him. The woman refused and there was an altercation. The man then pulled out a gun and shot her," the eyewitness said.

This murder in a crowded area of the city again raises serious questions over the safety of women in Delhi and over the claims made by the government of making capital a safer place for women.

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