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Sep 06, 2013 at 01:00pm IST

Delhi: Self-help group helps women gain financial independence

New Delhi: A self-help group in the heart of Nizamuddin Basti is helping women gain financial independence. INSHA Crafts Centre, an initiative of the Aga Khan Trust, provides a livelihood to women residents of the area by providing vocational training in embroidery, tailoring and paper cutting.

For women like Tamanna, whose father doesn't earn enough selling flowers at a stall near the famous Nizamuddin shrine, is able to add money to her 10-member family's income. "If there is a need, I contribute to household expenses. I don't have to rely on anyone for my needs," she said.

The centre also has flexible working hours so women can walk in at any time. Once the women are trained, they are paid anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 8000 a month, depending on their work. These women also contribute a part of their income to a common fund, so they take loan from it during difficult times.

Another worker Shaheen says, "It is more convenient to take a loan from here, as you can payback the loan over 1 year and through easy instalments."

While these women are striving to make ends meet, they are simultaneously preserving their culture because a lot of motifs reproduced in their works have been inspired from architecture of local monuments, like the lattice or jaali work used here to make lamp from paper cut-outs.

Not only financial independence, women have more reason to cheer as they have recently bagged a huge order from retail chain Fab India.