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Mar 05, 2013 at 09:23am IST

Delhi: SRCC students help rickshaw pullers, puppeteers, manual scavengers earn a decent living

New Delhi: Students from the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce aren't just about number-crunching. They use social entrepreneurship to help underprivileged people in the national capital from facilitating micro-credit for autorickshaw drivers to reaching out and arranging vocational training to puppeteers, manual scavengers to helping manual scavengers earn a decent living.

Three months ago, debt-ridden Mangu was finding it difficult to make ends meet. Burdened by an immense debt from the contractor, his rickshaw rent outdid his earnings. Today he's the proud owner of a rickshaw courtesy the enterprising students from Delhi's SRCC.

"Our main purpose is social entrepreneurship, we do not believe in charity. So what we do is we conceptualise projects and then we work on the social entrepreneurship model, so that the communities can sustain independently," said a student Nehal Garg.

Along with Mangu, a 100 other rickshaw-pullers have benefitted from this micro-credit scheme in partnership with the Punjab National Bank to procure their own rickshaws.

That's not all. These students also help puppeteers earn a sustained income by helping them upgrade their skills. The students meet event managers, fair organisers and cultural institutions regularly to get shows for the puppeteers.

From helping the puppeteer community earn a better living by increasing their reach and modernizing their skills, these students also helping trafficked women become a part of mainstream society by enabling them to become entrepreneurs in the food business.

They also helping manual scavengers earn a decent living by imparting them vocational training. With each enterprise, the young bunch proves that changing the world can begin with small and inspiring initiatives.