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Nov 01, 2012 at 11:20am IST

Dengue grips Bangalore, eight people dead, 700 cases reported

Bangalore: Eight people have died in Bangalore due to dengue and the number of people affected has doubled since July 2012. Bangalore is in the grip of the dengue fever. But what is especially alarming now is the rate at which it is spreading across the city. In October, 700 cases have been confirmed, up from the 373 in July.

More than 20 people have died of the fever in Karnataka and eight of them were from Bangalore alone. But the government still maintains things are under control.

Doctors in the city blame the rise in dengue cases to the deteriorating hygene in the city. They say if the government does nothing, the number of cases could spiral out of control. H Sudarshan Ballal, Medical Director, Manipal Health Enterprises, said, "I believe this is a serious medical threat. Unfortunately, it is affecting everyone in the society, some of our doctors are down with dengue-like illnesses."

The state government will launch a special drive to create awareness on dengue and the Health Department will monitor the onset of the disease in Bangalore. But will this help control the spread of dengue in the state?