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Oct 26, 2012 at 10:13am IST

Dengue menace in Delhi: Over 750 cases so far

New Delhi: Dengue fever continues to spread fast in the national capital with more than 750 people testing positive this season. Cases are on an all time rise in 2012. The sheer number of cases and the twin deaths have forced the MCD to act. South MCD PRO Mukesh Yadav said, "We are fumigating & also making the people aware."

In September only, 50 cases were reported, dengue cases shot through the roof in October with over 700 cases being reported. Where around 501 cases were reported, over 600 cases had been reported till October 2012.

With dengue crossing the 700 mark this year and over 30 cases of dengue being reported almost everyday, many hospitals say they are facing a shortage of beds. Chief Medicine Officer, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr SS Byotra said, "There is a shortage of beds. With so many patients coming everyday, they have to be reffered."

The Health Ministry which asked the municipal corporations to step up efforts to curb the menace admits that the MCD is ill equipped to take on the menace. Delhi Health Minister Dr AK Walia said, "They don't have required machines and people to fumigate. We need to work on that."

But the MCD wants residents to take the onus. North Delhi PRO Yoginder Singh Mann said, "People don't let our workers enter their house and check it. Whereas, people have a completely different story to tell. A resident Mongolpuri said, "No one has come to our area to check door to door breeding." Doctors believe that dengue cases are likely to shoot up but the cooperation of residents at the local level is also required to tackle this menace.

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