Jul 11, 2007 at 04:25pm IST

Dengue, new deluge to hit Mumbai

New Delhi: After the deluge, Mumbai is now facing another outbreak- dengue.

Doctors say the viral disease usually peaks from the end of July to October, as monsoon is the breeding season for mosquito.

Says professor, AIIMS, Dr. Bir Singh, “Dengue happens because of the mosquito aedes bites. They are found in stagnant clear water. So proper steps should be taken to prevent it."

The aedes aegypti mosquito mainly bites during the day. And dengue often goes undetected at first, as it might not show up on the blood tests till the fourth day of the infection. But there are symptoms you should be on the lookout for.

Says Dr Singh, “Fever, joint pain, nausea are the symptoms of dengue.”

There is no vaccine or cure for dengue yet, but the key is in preventing mosquitoes from breeding and multiplying in your vicinity.

However, there are simple things that you can follow to avoid dengue including:

  • Keep surroundings clean and mosquito free.
  • Remove stagnant water from drains and coolers.
  • Disinfect your house and surroundings.
  • Use mosquito repellants and sprays.
  • Use mosquito nets.
  • Cover yourself with protective clothing.

With viral fever also on the rise, the symptoms may be similar, but what sets dengue apart is a constant pain at the back of your eyes. Also, respiratory problems may not be as severe as viral fever in dengue.

But with the monsoons lasting another month, if you are feeling feverish, don’t ignore your condition as viral. It is advisable to visit your doctor.

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