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Feb 05, 2013 at 11:39pm IST

Dental Council mess: Health Minister maintains a deafening silence

New Delhi: It couldn't get more embarrassing for the chairman of the Dental Council, Dr Dibyendu Majumdar. It all began first with the CBI arresting Dr Gunaseelan, Chairman of Tamil Nadu Dental Council, caught along with his aide, Dr Murugesan, with large amounts of cash. Their crime - accepting bribes from dental colleges for increasing the number of seats.

As CNN-IBN raised this subject on last Friday's India @ 9, the pressure was beginning to show on the authorities. Questions were being raised against Chairman of the Dental Council himself. "If I am corrupt, you can hang me," Dibyendu Majumdar said.

But it's the silence of the Health Minister on this subject which is now turning out to be deafening. For the last three years, CNN-IBN has been relentlessly reporting on what ails the Dental Council. But the Health Minister isn't listening.

Will you speak up, Mr Minister?

- Who is responsible for the large-scale corruption which is now becoming endemic in the dental council?

- Why is Mr Azad failing to act against the culprits despite giving written assurances?

- Is the Dental Council a completely political body consisting of candidates backed by politicians?

- And the biggest question - If neither the chairman of the Dental Council, nor the Health Minister are willing to take responsibility, what's the purpose of setting up of this council at all?