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Nov 07, 2008 at 12:52pm IST

Want of male kid leads woman to kill daughter

Bhubaneswar: Obsessed with the desire to give birth to a son, 31-year-old Subhadra Das, a frustrated mother killed all her three daughters in Purshottampur village of Orissa.

Later she went to the police and confessed her crime.

Subhadra said, "After killing my three daughters I tried to commit suicide by getting drowned in the pond. But even after attempting thrice I could not kill myself."

Police say there was no pressure on Subhadra from her husband or other family members to give birth to a male child.

Sub-divisional police officer (SDPO), Kendrapara Jaydev Sarangi says, "The motive of the murder as we found from the investigation is that she developed an idea that since she does not have a male child the ceremonial last rites in her family cannot be done by her daughters and she was frustrated of this fact."

Female infanticide and foeticide are widely prevalent in many districts of Orissa. Last year in Nayagarh police unearthed a mass grave containing remains of 25 newly born babies.

Social activists say these killings are prompted by religious beliefs.

Social activist Kendrapara Dipti Ranjan Dash says, "There are various customs like 'pind daan' which are performed only by sons, and it is customs like this which encourages such inhuman acts."

This could possibly be why Subadra does not shed a tear even after the brutal killing of her three daughters.

On Wednesday, she first took her 7 year old elder daughter Padmini to a pond behind her house while she was sleeping and drowned her in the pond.

A little later she similarly killed her second daughter 4 year old Sumitra. When police found the two dead bodies in the village pond, Subhadra was interrogated and she revealed that just a week back she had killed her nine-month-old daughter by strangling her neck.

This murder was not known to others as everyone believed the infant died of illness.

What is shocking is that Subhadra confessed to doing such inhuman acts in frustration for want of a male child.