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Aug 31, 2011 at 08:16am IST

DGCA probe blames Gulf Air pilot for incorrect landing

New Delhi: A preliminary probe by DGCA has blamed the pilot of the Gulf Air plane, which had skidded off the runway in Kochi international airport, for not following universally accepted parameters for landing in rains and on a

wet runway, sources said on Tuesday.

"It was an incorrect landing by the Gulf Air pilot", said the sources.

Kochi mishap: DGCA blames Gulf Air pilot

Two days after a Gulf Air plane over shot the runway in Kochi injuring seven, the DGCA has laid the blame on the pilot.

There are detailed universally-accepted parameters laid down by DGCA and other international aviation regulators for landing in rains and on a wet runway but they were not adhered to by the Gulf Air pilot, they said.

DGCA would question the crew of the flight, which was carrying 137 passengers, and the ATC personnel who were on duty at that time at Kochi airport.

The black box containing the conversation between the pilot and the ATC would also be examined as part of the probe into the incident, said the sources.