Feb 11, 2012 at 12:24pm IST

Diabetes and Ayurveda

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The focus of the second day of the Global Ayurveda Festival was non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease and their management. Dr R H Singh, speaking on the unique features of ayurvedic management of diabetes mellitus(‘madhumeha’), described the disease as an ‘’error in lifestyle.’’ Non-communicable diseases are not epidemic and Ayurveda has the right solution for it, felt most of the Ayurvedic doctors.
Dr B M Hegde, who made a presentation on ‘Non-communicable diseases and the importance of Ayurveda’ described diseases to be an alteration in the human energy pattern. Hegde also strongly pointed out the requirement of a healthy mind for a healthy body. “Ayurveda considers mind to be the important part of the human body. Ayurveda should stick to its basics and never try to copy modern medicine, that has only a very short history,” said Hegde.
Comparing modern medicine with Ayurvedic medicine, Dr R H Singh said that Ayurveda has a great tradition, is deep-rooted in our culture and has all the healing powers of Mother Nature.
"It does not negatively affect our body or mind, while modern medicine is fast curing and may affect our immune system.” Dr Horzt Przuntek from Germany made a  presentation on Parkinson’s disease and its cure through Ayurveda.
"Recent research has shown that Ayurveda can cure this dreaded disease through systematic treatments, lifestyle, prescribed diet, yoga and herbs,’’ he said.  Dr Przuntek described how Ayurveda gives not only a physical cure, but also raises the positive energy of a person.
The second day’s session also saw A K Verma, endocrine surgeon and professor at Sanjay Gandhi PG Institute of Medical Science, speaking on ‘Cure for non-communicable diseases through poly-neutraceuticals. Verma spoke on Ayurveda’s ‘Rasa Sasthra’ and its ability to cure many NCDs.
Dr Verma was presented with a memento by Dr C S Krishna Kumar, chief physician- Nagarjuna.