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Jun 20, 2007 at 09:08am IST

Diabetes may damage sperm: Study

New Delhi: A first of it's kind study has found a link between diabetes and infertility.

Uncontrolled blood sugar may damage sperm cells the study, conducted by British scientists, has revealed.

Tests on diabetic men showed a 60 per cent higher DNA damage in their sperm compared with samples taken from healthy men.

The study, which was conducted in Belfast, found that the DNA was breaking apart in 52 per cent of sperm cells from diabetic men.

However, DNA was breaking apart in only 32 per cent of sperm cells from healthy men.

The situation could be worse in India, which is already the diabetes capital of the world.

Says Endocrinologist at Fortis, Dr Anoop Misra, "In India, men with diabetes may be at a greater risk of sperm damage because over 50 per cent diabetics are diagnosed with the disorder after they have had the disease for years."

However, researchers say their results are not conclusive and further studies are required to firmly establish the link.