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May 21, 2007 at 02:14pm IST

Diamond traders turn good Samaritans

Surat: Mentally handicapped people of the diamond city are getting help from unexpected quarters – a group of diamond merchants.

The group of diamond merchants is out on the streets of Surat, adding sparkle to the life of the mentally challenged people, roaming aimlessly.

They give them a bath, clip their nails, trim their hair, give them clean clothes to wear and wash their wounds. The street dwellers get a complete new look.

But the all male group feels it would help the cause better if women join them.

''We don't want any help from anyone, but if women from the society join us, we can help treat women better,'' said Jairam Patel, a Volunteer.

They treat 90 to 100 people every Sunday. And experts say this would really help as about 1 per cent of the city's population suffers from mental disorder.

''The most unfortunate thing is that families throw away such persons. If they are helped and counseled, positive changes can be seen in such people,'' said Psychiatrist Mukul Choksi.

It's not an easy task handling mentally unstable people. But the good Samaritans of Surat are determined to bring a change to the lives of these people.

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