Aug 13, 2012 at 12:38am IST

Did Sushil bite his opponent's ear?

New Delhi: India's Sushil Kumar, who won silver in the final of the men's freestyle 66kg event on the final day of the 2012 London Games, could find himself in the eye of controversy after video analysis indicates he bit the ear of his opponent in the semi-finals on Sunday.

Backed by vociferous Indian spectators, Sushil wrapped up the first period against the Kazakh wrestler 3-0 in the high-voltage semi-final clash, but lost the second by an identical score. In the crucial third round the 29-year-old was lagging 0-3 behind but with 34 second left, Sushil pegged Tanatrov down to score two more points and move to 5-3.

Immediately after being pinned to the mat, Tanatrov put a hand to his right ear and once he noticed blood, immediately signaled to the referee, Finland’s Karri Tapio Toivola, that Sushil had bit him. Toivala simply gestured for the two wrestlers to get up. Sushil’s reaction was one of innocence, and there was no complaint from the Kazakh contingent.

Did Sushil bite his opponent's ear?

Video of the men's freestyle 66kg event suggests the Indian bit Akzhurek Tanatarov's ear.

However, video replays strongly indicate that Sushil did in fact bite his opponent’s ear. Check closely at from 9:20 onwards in the video and decide for yourself.

No official complaint has been lodged because as per the rules, it is not permissible.

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