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Sep 11, 2012 at 09:32am IST

India's differently-abled Special Olympic players dream big

New Delhi: Their ability to grasp a situation is par excellence but they are still termed differently abled. Their eyes are on gold but they are still called poor. But the players who will represent India in the floor hockey category for the Special Olympics 2013 would not have reached so far if it wasn't for their mentors and coaches.

Winning the Olympics is every athlete's dream. And for these boys and girls, a part of the floor hockey team for the Special Olympics 2013, South Korea is calling.

But the journey so far hasn't been an easy one for these differently abled players.

Air Marshal Denzil Keelor, Founder, Special Olympics Bharat, says. "Firstly they are economically weak the rich people don't come here, second they are unable to express themselves, but see they look normal. Number 3, people have made up their mind since they cannot be cured we should not invest and waste in them."

Marshal Denzel Keelor founded Special Olympic Bharat in 2001. Despite getting little publicity, the organisation has managed to get 60,000 volunteers. Victor Vaz, a mechanical engineer from Goa has been a coach since its inception.

Victor says, "I have become addicted to it. Even if I want to leave I don't feel like leaving because in the back of my mind I know so many other athletes will be deprived of training. That's what has kept me going."

When life throws a thousand challenges at you, the easiest thing to do is quit. But to keep trying and emerge triumphant despite the odds, that's the quality of a winner and that's why this is what we call a winning team.