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Apr 25, 2010 at 12:14am IST

Digvijay demands probe into phone tapping

New Delhi: The UPA will be facing the Opposition wrath when Parlaiment reconvenes on Monday over the Outlook expose on phone taps. The report revealed how the phones of four top politicians were tapped by the government.

Digvijay Singh of the Congress who was on that list says he does not believe the Manmohan Singh government could be so unethical but there should be a probe.

It was meant to be a tool to keep a tab on the foes. But the UPA's alleged phone tapping of political leaders has forced Congress party's own members to take on the government.

Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh whose conversations of 2007, according to Outlook magazine, were recorded by intelligence unit NTRO, has come out strongly calling the tapping illegal.

"I do not believe Manmohan Singh Government can do such an unethical thing, but now that this story has come the government should enquire into it. Barring situations of national security, phone tapping is illegal under the Indian Telegraph Act," said Digvijay Singh.

And as expected, the Opposition too is gunning for the government over the phone tapping issue, threatening to stall Parliament on Monday. Prakash Karat of CPM says, "we will take up the matter in Parliament."

The Outlook magazine has claimed that the latest technology makes it possible for intelligence agencies to overhear and record any one's telephonic conversation without any permission from authorities or information to the service provider.

Vinod Mehta, Editor of Outlook, says, "we wanted to show through the expose how every one's civil liberties is threatened."

However, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni claimed that she was not aware of the government ordering the tapping of phones of political leaders.

"We are not aware of the matter. We have just heard of a magazine report. Government will react only on Monday when we see the report and discuss it," said Soni.