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Dec 11, 2010 at 08:47pm IST

Digvijaya's claims painful: Karkare's wife

Kavita Karkare, widow of former Maharashtra Anti-Terror Squad chief Hemant Karkare who was killed fighting Pakistani terrorists on the night of November 26, 2008 in Mumbai, has rubbished Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh claims that her husband had called the Congress leader just hours before the Mumbai terror attack saying that his life was under threat.

Speaking to CNN-IBN she said that she knew nothing of her husband making a call to Singh and added that her husband constantly faced all sorts of threats. She objected to his martyrdom being politicised.

CNN-IBN: What do you think makes Digvijaya Singh make these comments after two years of your husband's death?

Kavita Karkare: Actually many are saying these comment that he was killed by terrorist but that is 100 per cent wrong because on 26th (November 26, 2008) we have seen that the Pakistani terrorists are involved and I don't agree with Digvijaya Singh's statement. Digvijaya Singh wants to bring politics in this thing but and his relating 26/11 with Hindu people and that is really painful.

CNN-IBN: Do feel that there is you know something like a communal divide that is being created by Digvijaya Singh?

Kavita Karkare: Yes and Pakistan will get benefit from all these things.

CNN-IBN: So do you think that will affect the 26/11 investigation?

Kavita Karkare: Definitely it will affect. My husband was a very balanced person. Being a Hindu also he was very much balanced and he gave equal importance to all religion.

CNN-IBN: Do you feel traumatised by these various theories that keep coming in time and again?

Kavita Karkare: Yes! I really feel traumatised. I really feel sad sometimes. My children are staying abroad, one is in Europe and the other is in America. Sometimes I feel that I should go and stay with them.

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