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Oct 15, 2008 at 01:06pm IST

Dikshit faces a tough contest in Delhi polls

New Delhi: The Election Commission on Tuesday announced the poll dates for five states including Delhi which will see a single-phase polling on November 29.

With 45 days to go for the Delhi polls, third time Chief Minister aspirant Sheila Dikshit is getting ready for the big day.

There are many issue that are going to be raised during the election campaign including terror, skyrocketing prices, assault on the right to trade, the much-debated BRT corridor and housing for the poor.

"The issue is the development of Delhi and to make it the capital city that it deserves to become," Dikshit says

"National issues that impact the whole country will also be taken up like nuclear deal, reaching out to farmers," she says.

Feeling confident after a clean sweep in the municipal polls last year and more recently, the cantonment board elections, the opposition BJP too has it's ammunition ready.

"Price rise is a big issue. Sheila Dikshit government has betrayed the poor people. Water and electricity is also an issue," VK Malhotra, BJP's chief minsiterial candidate, says.

So it going to a mixed bag of issues that affect the nation and its capital.

For both the parties though, the fight for 70 Assembly seats is going to be far from easy, with Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party set to give them a tough fight.

"We are not disturbed by BSP's presence," Dikshit adds.

Sheila Dikshit may be underestimating the elephant, but in a city-state like Delhi seeking a third term is going to be a herculean task.

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