May 04, 2013 at 02:33pm IST

Director Bharatbala states why he chose Parvathi Menon for 'Mariayan'

Chennai: Tamil filmmaker Bharatbala chose Parvathi Menon for his upcoming romantic drama 'Mariyaan' because he finds her rooted to the landscape of the film a factor he believes is very important while casting.

Parvathi, a Malayalee actress, is known for her work in Tamil films such as 'Chennaiyil Oru Naal' and 'Poo'.

"I could have easily chosen a north Indian actress, but I believe an actor should be suitable to the landscape against which a film is shot. I chose Parvathi because right from her features to her body language - everything is apt for the setting of the film," Bharatbala told IANS. Set against the backdrop of Kanyakumari and Sudan, 'Mariyaan' is about the will of survival of a fisherman held captive.

Bharatbala states why he chose Parvathi Menon for 'Mariayan'

The actress, is known for her proficient work in Tamil films such as 'Chennaiyil Oru Naal' and 'Poo'.

"Parvathi is not just a south Indian, but also carries the typical features of a south Indian. Since her part of the story is set in Kanyakumari, she was apt to pull off a compelling role. I also picked her because I liked the intensity of her character in the film 'Poo'," he added.

Bharatbala also said that it is vital to let the characters choose actors.

"I don't believe that a script can be written keeping in mind an actor. I never wrote the script of 'Mariyaan' keeping in mind Dhanush or Parvathi. It was the characters of my film that eventually made me choose them.

"In fact, I wasn't even sure who to cast when I began scripting. But, I knew that every story will take you to a destination. I believed in this theory and I was successful in the process," he added. The film also features Salim Kumar, Appu Kutty and Jagan. It is produced by Venu Ravichandran and has music by the Oscar-winning A R Rahman.