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Aug 27, 2009 at 05:58pm IST

Actor Patrick Swayze confined to wheelchair

London: Actor Patrick Swayze, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, was confined to a wheelchair as he left hospital following his ongoing treatment.

Dailymail.co.uk reports that the 57-year-old star of yesteryears' hit film Dirty Dancing who had danced his way into people's hearts looked weak and frail as he was taken in a wheelchair to a car by the medical staff.

The gifted actor who had enthralled in Ghost once again hid his head under a cowboy hat, while tubes connected to drips and catheter bags could be seen coming out of his clothing.

TWO IS STRENGTH: Swayze's wife Lisa Niemi has been his big support as the actor fights pancreatic cancer.

Swayze earlier this month spent a week in Beverly Hills seeking treatment. Since he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he has been shuttling from his ranch in the state of New Mexico and his home in Los Angeles.

He has been supported by his wife Lisa and brother throughout the treatment.