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Jan 11, 2009 at 02:57pm IST

Man attacked daughter and killed her lover

Lucknow: A man allegedly lynched his daughter's boyfriend to death in Lucknow.

The accused, Lala Ram is a guard at an under-construction house in Hayat Nagar locality in Lucknow.

Lala Ram allegedly lynched a youth named Ram Gulam Lodh when he found him with his 18-year-old daughter. Lala Ram attacked Ram Gulam with bricks and repeatedly beat him till he died.

FIT OF RAGE: The accused did not like the fact that his daughter was clandestinely seeing a man.

The enraged father of the girl also attacked his daughter who had to be admitted to the trauma centre where her condition too was stated to be critical.

Police said that the victim Ram Gulam had been seeing the girl in question for quite some time. On Saturday evening, while the couple was together, the father got information and rushed to the place.

The father alleges that he caught them in a compromising position. The alleged culprit, lala Ram has been detained by the police.