Jun 11, 2014 at 10:59am IST

Do you miss Paul the Octopus? Meet the psychic animals predicting the FIFA World Cup 2014 winners this time!

Remember how Paul the Octopus was all over the news for predicting who would win the FIFA World Cup last time? The little cephalopod received death threats and those into betting kept an eye out for his predictions. Now that Paul is no longer around, who is going to take his legacy forward? Zoo keepers and animal lovers from across the world have already come up with suitable successors to the octopus!

Animals with psychic powers have already begun predicting FIFA World Cup winners this year. From pigs to turtles, elephants to zebras, every known animal is down with the world cup fever! Who's predicting what? Let's take a look.

Do you miss Paul the Octopus? Meet the psychic animals predicting the FIFA World Cup 2014 winners this time!

Turtles, elephants, pigs: the worthy successors of Paul the Octopus are predicting the FIFA World Cup 2014 winners!

Nelly, the elephant: Nelly has been in the news in the past for accurately predicting the results of the 2010 World Cup, Euro 2012, and Champions League final of 2013. The elephant predicts the winners by kicking the football in one of the two goals marked with the country’s flags. Will this German elephant be a worthy successor?

Big Head, the turtle: Big Head is a Brazilian turtle who seems to be a very patriotic one at heart. The turtle has already predicted that Brazil will beat Croatia in the opening game. This 25-year-old is already quite the favourite among the football lovers in the host nation.

Psychic Pig: The Psychic Pig from Ukraine is taking over from where Paul the Octopus left off. The pig seems to know the mysteries of football and the telepathic pig is quite a star already. Kiev’s city government says the pig will predict the winners at 4:00 pm every day.

Baby Pandas: A team of baby pandas in China is all set to declare the winners of the FIFA World Cup this year. These pandas will predict match winners by picking food from a choice of baskets and climbing trees! During the group stages, the pandas will select food from bamboo baskets and the in the knock-out rounds, the pandas will climb trees with the competing nation’s flag to predict winners.

Roo, the dog: Roo, the dog is among the true believers of the England Football team. The bulldog seems to have a knack for making predictions. It makes predictions by choosing a bowl of biscuits marked with the countries’ flags. Roo’s owner says the dog has an ‘exceptional gift’.