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Jul 09, 2013 at 12:48pm IST

Bangalore: Doctors conduct one of the toughest heart surgeries to save a 3-month-old

Bangalore: As he gurgles and screeches, three-month-old Ayush is at the centre of attention of his family. Born with a hole in his heart, his daily wage-earner father and housewife mother brought him to Bangalore for a cost-effective surgery but once he was wheeled into the OT, the doctors realised they stumbled upon a serious and rare heart condition.

"The doctors came out and told our son that he (Ayush) has a hole in his heart and his two blood veins are joined. We will have to operate that and that will take around four hours. All three of us sat down and started crying," Ayush's grandfather Sukumar Naik said.

Doctors at the MS Ramaiah Centre in Bangalore say the baby suffered from anomalous coronary artery - a condition in which impure blood gets pumped into the heart instead of out of it. This can even lead to a heart attack and prove fatal anytime.

"Most of the patients are diagnosed at autopsy and until now about 50 cases have been found all over the world. This is the first case in India. Only five have survived the surgery all over the world the surgery," cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr Ravi Shankar Shetty said.

It's being seen as a miracle survival and while little Ayush will need medication for another year or so, doctors say his recovery will be quick after that.

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